Apple Music and Spotify are applications developed to deliver the same function, and that is to bring modern digital music streaming services to millions of music fanatics globally. These two are almost alike in their features.

But for some it, one may be better than the other. It can be challenging to decipher upon these two top-notch applications that bring us a better music listening experience.

To help you lighten the burden of weighing in between Apple Music vs Spotify Premium, I’ve gathered all the primary information you need to know before you can finally decide what digital music streaming application to use for unlimited music playback on various devices.

Let’s start by reading the following sections below and better grasp the difference between Apple Music and Spotify Premium.

Article Content Part 1. Comparison between Apple Music and Spotify PremiumPart 2. Which Music Streaming Service is the Best?Part 3. Bonus: How to Play Apple Music on Spotify?Part 4. Summary

Part 1. Comparison between Apple Music and Spotify Premium

Released on June 30, 2015, Apple Music is a subscription-based digital music streaming service developed by Apple Inc. The app offers access to over 90 million various songs. The app features offline listening when the user is not connected to WiFi.

Apple Music is also a space that combines all music, even ripped songs from a CD. Apple Music also features live radio stations, and its system is integrated with Siri for users to control their music activity with voice commands easily.

Spotify is a Swedish digital audio streaming service launched on April 23, 2006. Spotify gives its users instant access to its vast music catalog of eclectic music in different genres, playlists, and podcast content.

The app allows its user to listen to any of their preferred content at any time. Spotify is also known for its algorithm that recommends music based on the users’ app activity, such as listening history, curated playlist, and online radio stations.

Apple Music and Spotify Premium

#1. Apple Music vs Spotify Premium: Subscription Plan and Free Trials Compared

Apple Music vs Spotify Premium offers a three-month trial for their premium services for free. Apple Music Family Plan costs $14.99 a month and $9.99 a month for regular premium service. On the other hand, Spotify offers $15.99 for its Premium Family Plan and $4.99 for the discounted Premium Student Plan.

Both premium plans of the app allow users to stream their catalog of on-demand music, no adverts, unlimited skips and play songs offline. In addition, Spotify Premium users need to have the same address.

#2. Apple Music vs Spotify Premium: Music Library

As mentioned above, Apple Music vs Spotify Premium features vast catalogs of complex music libraries. Apple Music also claims a more extensive library of up to 75 million songs, while Spotify Premium has over 70 million songs. Spotify also havens 2.6 million podcast content, while Apple Music has an entirely different service for their podcast.

#3. Apple Music vs Spotify Premium: Music Streaming Quality

One has taken it up a notch regarding the Apple Music vs Spotify Premium music streaming qualities. Spotify Premium’s format is Ogg Vorbis or AAC. Its optimal sound quality is 320 kbps, convenient for users concerned about such apps taking up too much of their mobile storage.

Its users can choose the bit rate streaming quality on their smartphones. On Spotify Premium desktop, its music streams in ACC format at 256 kbps. Apple Music streams at 256 kbps in AAC file formats and has spatial audio and lossless quality on certain songs.

#4. Apple Music vs Spotify Premium: Music Discovery

Apple Music vs Spotify Premium both offer early access to new music or albums. However, Apple Music provides exclusive releases for select music videos. In addition, if you access the iCloud Music Library of Apple Music, your library is decoded across your devices from your smartphone to your computer. These features help you match songs in your library with those is stored in the iTunes catalog.

Apple Music users can listen to their music whenever they want to be signed in with their Apple ID account. Apple Music claims users can store up to 100,000 songs in its library. And with Spotify, users can play music on their device in the Spotify app.

However, the feature only works for local audio files. But the good part about it is that Spotify Premium offers access to podcast content within the app, unlike Apple Music that has a separate app.

Part 2. Which Music Streaming Service is the Best?

Taking the ideas from the points mentioned above could have already hinted at which is better between Apple Music vs Spotify Premium. But to sum it all up, let’s track back on both apps’ features.

Spotify is an excellent platform with tons of features and capabilities to enjoy its mobile app design and constantly stream exclusive, new and exciting tunes.

Spotify’s expansive characteristics and advanced technology are what make it the in-demand app these days. Another thing about the app is its shareability that has kept the app garnering millions of monthly subscribers.

Spotify also goes above and beyond because of its intricately-curated playlists and, of course, its acclaimed podcast content and creators. That’s is why it is regarded as the most loved digital music streaming service.

Although Apple Music only came after years of Spotify’s reign in the digital music streaming industry, many critics and even regular audiophiles cannot disregard the fact that the app is closing the gap with the latter.

It may not have an expansive line of features, but the app is learning to change the course in approaching consumers’ needs, especially when talking about music files storage. The most significant factor about its edge is the lossless and spatial audio quality that dramatically differs from Spotify.

Part 3. Bonus: How to Play Apple Music on Spotify?

What other things have we not mentioned about Apple Music vs Spotify Premium? Their DRM protection. Yes, both apps, unfortunately, utilize this copyright protection. As we all know, the DRM serves as a guard to limit and restrict unauthorized activity, use, and sharing of either Apple Music or Spotify music.

So, generally, with the DRM protecting both apps’ content, their content playback is only limited to the apps. But you can avoid the restriction by converting your Apple Music with TunesFun Apple Music Converter.

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Part 4. Summary

We hope this article helped you decide on which app to go for. It’s pretty interesting how there is so much more to know about Apple Music vs Spotify Premium. But whether you would want to choose either app, converting your music so you can listen to it whenever you want to might be the only thing that’s unarguable. TunesFun Apple Music Converter is easy to use and accessible anytime. You can start converting and downloading your Apple Music smoothly for more exciting music playback.