What is the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac that I shall use? Have you been looking for the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac to install on your PC and use? Are you currently using your Mac computer to stream your favorite Spotify songs? If you have an active Spotify premium subscription, streaming Spotify tracks using your Mac PC even in offline mode will always be convenient. However, what if you are not into investing and getting a premium Spotify account? What if you just want to use a free account? How will this work?

It is true that the Spotify app is supported by Mac PCs. You can even use the Spotify web player to stream songs using a Wi-Fi connection or just your account. However, you must know that you can’t keep those Spotify songs on your Mac PC forever as there are some accessibility and downloading limitations. To get rid of those hindrances, you must then know the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac to use. That’s what we are to discuss in this post!

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Part 1. The Best and Most Recommended Free Spotify Music Converter for Mac

If you aim to save all the Spotify songs that you like on your Mac PC or on any device that you own for offline listening, this would easily be possible through a premium Spotify account. Now, if you are a free account user, then you are surely thinking about how downloading Spotify songs will be possible given that Spotify songs are protected files and are in a format that isn’t playable on a majority of all devices including Mac PCs. To get rid of all these issues, knowing about the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac is a must.

By browsing through the web, you will see a bunch of recommendations when it comes to Spotify Music conversion. Always remember that choosing the first suggested item isn’t always the best decision. You still need to know which actually is the best one to use given the benefits and outputs it can offer. Well now, we are glad to share the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac – this TunesFun Spotify Converter.

This TunesFun Spotify Converter has been considered by many as the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac because of the many advantages it offers. The mentioned application is equally compatible with both Windows and Mac computers making it very convenient to use. You actually no longer have any compatibility issues. It aids in the removal of the DRM protection of Spotify songs allowing you to stream the songs on any device or move and transfer them.

The app supports the conversion of Spotify songs not only to MP3 but to other popular and flexible file formats like FLAC, WAV, and M4A while keeping the ID3 tags and metadata information of the songs. Apart from these benefits, you are even entitled to some other advanced features – multi-language, customizable settings, and easy uploading of files through its drag and drop feature. Of course, this is easy to use as well so even beginners won’t have issues while using the app.

Before you get the paid version of the app, you can actually try the app first as it has a free trial period that’s offered as well as a one-month refund policy. Here’s an overview of how to use the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac, the TunesFun Spotify Converter.

Step #1. Install the TunesFun Spotify Converter on your Mac computer by completing all the installation requirements that you will see when you visit the official website of TunesFun.

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Step #2. Right away, after installing the app, launch it, and then choose the “Open the Spotify Web Player” button. You will be asked by the app to input all your Spotify account credentials – username and password.

Step #3. Once you are on the Spotify page, start selecting the Spotify tracks, or even playlists and albums that you wish to convert. Once done, just drag and drop them to the green sidebar button that you will see on your screen.

Choose Spotify Songs

Step #4. Choose the output folder to use and the output format as well. You can also change some output profile settings if intended.

Choose Spotify Songs Output Format

Step #5. The whole conversion process will start once the “Convert” button has been ticked. Simultaneously, the DRM protection of the songs will be removed by the app as well.

Convert Spotify Songs

And that’s it! You now have your favorite Spotify songs converted to the file format you desire! Since they are now DRM-free files, you can have them moved to any device or saved to any external drive.

Part 2. Other 4 Best Spotify Music Converter for Mac in 2024

In this section, we will present some other best Spotify Music Converters for Mac apart from TunesFun Spotify Converter. We will be discussing the pros and cons of each.

Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter

Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter is known by many as one of the best Spotify Music Converters for Mac. It has the ability to do the conversion of Spotify files like songs, podcasts, and audiobooks to any of the 6 output formats it supports. You will also get output formats with 320 kbps quality regardless of the type of account you are using - premium Spotify account or now. Here are the pros and cons of using this app.

The Pros:

  1. You can use the app to convert Spotify songs to MP3 at a speed that’s quite fast – 5x than the others.
  2. You’ll get output files with lossless quality and maintained ID3 tags.
  3. You have the ability to customize the output settings as you wish.
  4. It supports the conversion of Spotify songs to up to 6 formats including MP3 and FLAC.

The Cons:

  1. You need to pay to use this app.
  2. This will only be useful to Spotify users.

TunesKit Audio Capture

TunesKit Audio Capture is actually an app that works as an audio grabber and can help you record your favorite audios from your PC. You can record not only Spotify songs but as well as other audio files from other platforms. Apart from being a recorder, it also has a built-in trimmer and editor helping you with the merging of the files. Thus, it can aid in the Spotify Music to MP3 format conversion.

The Pros:

  1. It is both an audio recorder and an editor app.
  2. You can record not only the audio files from Spotify but from other sources and formats as well.
  3. You can choose from the 6 output formats it supports.

The Cons:

  1. You might find it time-consuming to use as it is a bit hard to record the Spotify songs or playlists and albums.
  2. You can’t have 100% lossless output files.

TunesKit Audio Capture

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

Apart from the first two mentioned, you can also check out this Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder. As its name suggests, this is a converter that you can use online and so, there is no need for you to install any other apps. The same as TunesKit Audio Capture, for you to save the Spotify songs as MP3 files, using the Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder, you need to have them recorded first. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros:

  1. You are not limited to recording only audios from the Spotify app but as well as from other platforms or sites such as YouTube and the like.
  2. You can use the Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder for free since this is an online tool.

The Cons:

  1. Since this online tool is free to use, a lot of users reported that the recording process is a bit unstable and so the conversion process as well.
  2. There are cases when some songs can’t be recorded.
  3. You can only export the output files at 128 kbps audio quality.


Another Spotify Music Converter for Mac that you can check out is this AllToMP3. The same with Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder, AllToMP3 is as well an online platform. It’s convenient to use because you can utilize it on your Windows, Linux, or Mac computers. You can also use it not only on the Spotify platform but also on SoundCloud, Deezer, as well as YouTube.

The Pros:

  1. You can use this to convert Spotify songs to MP3 as well as audios from Deezer and YouTube.
  2. You can use AllToMP3 for free.

The Cons:

  1. You can’t have the Spotify songs downloaded in batch. You will have them downloaded one by one. So, it’s time-consuming if you are to convert a lot.
  2. The audio quality of the output files is low.
  3. Some say AllToMP3 has a complicated interface.


Part 3. Conclusion

There are various converters that are readily available and with the ability to have your favorite Spotify songs converted to MP3 or to any other output files you desire. However, you should always be keen when selecting which app to use or install on your PC. When it comes to the best Spotify Music Converters for Mac, it is always this TunesFun Spotify Converter.

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