In fact, one of Spotify’s selling points is this “Spotify Radio Station” feature. Some users are into this Spotify perk. This is also a way of providing new Spotify songs or discoveries to users as this is also using the user’s previous listening history.

Thus, helping the subscribers to further expand their music likes. If you are thinking that this works the same as the usual radios, you are wrong. In Spotify, you can actually skip tracks as you like without any given limits!

However, though this “Spotify Radio Station” feature is quite good, there is still something that is off with it. It would always recommend songs that are only similar to your listening history. And you know that at times, your taste in music could change.

Now, to start seeing a new list of recommended songs that are based on your current music liking, you have to create a radio playlist or know how to get Artist Radio on Spotify.

Don’t worry. This post is dedicated to you. Here, we will be sharing the process of how to get Artist Radio on Spotify. In fact, as you jump into the first part, you’ll immediately learn how to do that. So, let’s begin.

Article Content Part 1. How to Get Artist Radio on Spotify?Part 2. Bonus: How to Play Spotify Songs Offline?Part 3. Summary

Part 1. How to Get Artist Radio on Spotify?

As mentioned, in this part, you will know immediately how to get Artist Radio on Spotify. The good thing with Spotify Radio is that it can work on your PC as well as on portable devices like iPad, Android, or iPhones. We will explain one by one how to get Artist Radio on Spotify using each device.

Using Your Desktop

Step #1. Head to your Spotify desktop app and on the menu bar and tick the “Radio” button.

Step #2. Tick the “CREATE NEW STATION” that is on the “Radio” page.

Step #3. In the search box, input a playlist, artist, or track that you like. Take note that there could be some songs that are not available on Spotify Radio.

Step #4. Just tick the selected track to get started.

Alternatively, you can also do the below procedure.

Step #1. Head to the target playlist, artist, or page.

Step #2. Right-click on the select song then tick the “three-dot” button.

Step #3. Select the “Go to Song/playlist/album Radio” option.

Get Artist Radio on Spotify Using Your Desktop

Using Your Android Or iOS Device

The procedure is only the same if you are using a portable device – either an Android or iOS device. We’ll also share how to get Artist Radio on Spotify using these devices here.

Step #1. In the menu, look for the button for “Radio”.

Step #2. Tick the “New Station” button that is on the top area of the screen.

Step #3. In the search box, type the track, playlist, or artist.

Step #4. Just click on the song you wish to listen to on the radio.

Get Artist Radio on Spotify Using iOS Device

For your information, you can also set a station by tapping the “three-dot” icon and then selecting “Start Radio”. Now, after adding the selected songs, the Spotify app will just randomly add the other tracks following or referencing on the songs you selected and your music listening history.

We know that you are already happy with the information we provided about how to get Artist Radio on Spotify but if you are up for a bonus, we’ll give you more as you read the second part of this article.

Part 2. Bonus: How to Play Spotify Songs Offline?

After learning how to get Artist Radio on Spotify, we will now share how you can play Spotify songs in offline mode. You should know that Spotify songs are protected by DRM. Thus, you can’t have them downloaded and saved on your PC right away as well as play them on unauthorized devices unless you’ll have this DRM protection removed. But how can this be done?

That’s simple. You just need a professional software application with you like this TunesFun Spotify Music Converter. The mentioned professional software application is capable of removing the DRM protection of the Spotify songs and can even help with the conversion of songs to its supported formats. Apart from these features, this converter works too fast and so you can be assured that you can manage your time efficiently.

When it comes to the quality of the files, those would be 100% the same as the original ones. The metadata information and ID tags will be kept as well. This app can be used easily and has only a few installation needs. To help you, here’s an overview of the procedure of how to use this app.

Step #1. Install the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter on your PC and then launch. Begin by tapping this button - “Open the Spotify Web Player”. You will be asked to log in to your Spotify account.

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Step #2. Once you arrived at the Spotify page, select the songs you will download and convert. Once the selection is done, just drag and drop the files to the green button that is at the screen’s sidebar.

Select Spotify Songs

Step #3. You can now set up the output settings – output format, output folder to use, and some other options that you modify.

Select Spotify Songs Output Format

Step #4. Tap the “Convert” button if you are now okay with the settings you defined for the output files.

Convert Spotify Songs

Just wait for some minutes and you shall see the converted files available on the output folder you defined initially!

Part 3. Summary

Spotify is indeed amazing music streaming service provider. You can enjoy a lot of perks under this app including this “Spotify Radio Station” feature. Finally, we are glad we were able to help you with the process of how to get Artist Radio on Spotify. If you have any other questions relating to this topic, just let us know in the below section. Also, if you wish to keep some Spotify songs with you, just try using this TunesFun Spotify Music Converter!

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