Having inconsistencies in your user interface can be annoying. You would expect that a service should serve you well especially if you have paid for this. But then not everything may go perfectly well in all circumstances.

In Spotify, as all things literally are programmed by humans, there will be mistakes. This includes graying out of some things on your web Spotify Player. There is another article that can be used as a reference.

So how to listen to greyed out music on Spotify? These are some questions you can see in the community forums. Is there really a way out of this? We’ll find out in the rest of this article.

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Article Content Part 1. Why Are Songs on Spotify Greyed Out? Part 2. How Do I Fix Greyed out Songs on Spotify? Part 3. How to Listen to Greyed out Songs on Spotify without Premium? Part 4. Summary

Part 1. Why Are Songs on Spotify Greyed Out?

Spotify being encoded and run by programmers and call center agents may end up having inherent bugs. These greying out of songs are one of them. Before we begin remember to enable highlighting of all greyed-out songs available by enabling them in Settings->Display Options-> Show unavailable songs in the playlist. Let’s find out why there are graying out of songs in our beloved music streaming service and later learn how to listen to greyed out music on Spotify.

  • You’ve just uploaded incompatible songs to your playlist. – This is common especially if you have your own songs to upload to Spotify for offline listening. (for premium members only). Note that what you have uploaded may have a DRM format from another service.
  1. Connection error – As with all internet services, a single bug can be catastrophic. Connection errors may make your song unusable and hence greyed out.
  1. Country or region restrictions – This is the most common reason as not all songs will be available for every region. Spotify deems the right not to let some songs be available in some countries due to copyright/piracy issues.
  1. License changes in songs – a more infrequent issue is license agreement changes between Spotify and the music provider. This happens internally with Spotify.

Songs on Spotify Greyed Out

Part 2. How Do I Fix Greyed out Songs on Spotify?

And so how do you fix these greyed out songs in your playlist? How to listen to greyed out music on Spotify again? See the guide below for the details:

  1. Apply a VPN service to your internet connection – This is a fix for those country or region restrictions imposed by Spotify. When you do this then your country of origin can be hidden in the net while using the Web Player.
  1. Fix your internet connection – as with any other issues, database synchronization from Spotify to your playlist will always have issues when you don’t have a stable connection. Spotify may find out these songs offline when in fact they are not.
  1. Clear cache or re-install Spotify – Simply reinstalling your source program solves many hard to solve issues. Another option is clearing your browser cache. Go to your internet settings then clear your browsing data.
  1. Re-upload your music playlist to Spotify – If Spotify deems your music un-fit for their standard formats, then it’s likely you have to re-upload them using an audio conversion tool. A good tool to look at is the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter. With this tool you also remove DRM protection from other music streaming services that may have intervened with Spotify’s format.

Re-install to Fix Greyed out Songs on Spotify

Part 3. How to Listen to Greyed out Songs on Spotify without Premium?

To be able to play these songs and to finally answer your how to listen to greyed out music on Spotify question, we recommend you to look at TunesFun Spotify Music Converter.

TunesFun Spotify Music Converter will be able to transfer your songs from one music streaming provider to another easily. It can also do re-importation of songs to your Spotify playlist. It does this error-free and will prevent graying out of your songs. The reason for this correction is the removal of DRM.

DRM is a big hindrance in song exportation and importation. As different music providers employ different DRM formats, they will never match each other and will cause errors.

TunesFun is a DRM remover, audio converter, Spotify downloader all-in-one. It has a rich feature set including conversion and output format options such as MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC. It has a friendly GUI interface that integrates well with your Spotify Web Player.

The steps for downloading and converting your songs and re-importing them to your playlist in Spotify are as follows:

Download the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter below. PC and Mac versions are available:

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Choosing the album or playlist again then clicking the + Open the Converter option.

Choose Spotify Music

Converting these songs to your desired format. DRM will be removed. Enjoy fast conversion speeds.

Choose  Spotify Music Output Format

Re-uploading this again to your Spotify playlist through the Spotify App or the Spotify Web Player.

You’ll find out that the previously greyed out songs in your playlist can now be played again simply through conversion, DRM removal, and re-importation. All this will be done by TunesFun Spotify Music Converter.

Tunesfune Spotify Music Converter can be downloaded as a trial version with a song cap of 3-minutes. After evaluation, purchase a license key. This will unlock the full feature of TunesFun including timely software upgrades and technical support ad-ware free!

Part 4. Summary

In summary how to listen to greyed out music on Spotify has been answered simply by using the third-party tool app, the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter.

With this tool after downloading songs from Spotify, Music DRM is also removed. This will easily re-export your songs again to your desired playlist in Spotify Music.

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At last, those greyed out songs can be replaced by a functional one. Through TunesFun’s easy-to-use interface and its integration with the Spotify Web Player, every operation becomes easy.

With all these issues in the greying out of your songs and after all solutions have been met unsatisfactorily, then the final step would be to use this very useful third part tool app.