How to unlock seamless music transfers? What are the methods or tools needed to execute the said task? Do you have any idea of those? If you want to know all the things that you have to do, we are here to help you.

Can you import songs from iTunes to Spotify? Are you also one of the many individuals who have been affected by the sudden action of Spotify wherein they removed a feature that allows any user to import their iTunes playlists? If you are one of them, you have come to the right guide!

In this writing, we are going to figure out methods, tools, and ideas about how to import songs from iTunes to Spotify. We are going to share with you the step-by-step process, so you will be guided accordingly. We are also going to share with you a tool that you can use to transfer playlists as how or where you possibly want to, so if you are interested to know all about these things, you have to finish this article by the very end.

Part. 1. What Are The Methods And Tools To Import Songs From iTunes To Spotify?

If you are going to answer the question, can you import songs from iTunes to Spotify, you would surely find lots of guides to help figure out the possible answers to it. However, not most of these guides can bring you all the comprehensive answers that you will ever need, so it is best that you come here.

1. Use Soundiiz


One of the online tools that we can use to import songs from iTunes to Spotify is Soundiiz. It is even considered as one of the bests. To use it, you need the URL of the playlists or you can also upload the TXT files. In case you want to use it, you have to be reminded that it is not possible to transfer playlists in the TXT files that are greater than the size of 2MB. To use it, you have to:

Step 1. On your computer, launch the iTunes app, and then look for the playlist that you want to import to Spotify. Then, you need to tap the Share Playlist option and then choose the Copy Link tab. In case you wanted to use the .txt file, you have to choose the Library option, and then tap the Export Playlist tab, and then select .txt as the format that you prefer to proceed with the exporting of the file, and then start saving it to your computer.

Step 2. Launch the Soundiiz using your web browser, and then tap the Start Now button. Then you have to make an account to proceed.

Step 3. Once you have created an account, you can tap iTunes from the left part of your screen, and then choose the option Export My Playlist. You have to paste the iTunes playlist link that you copied earlier in the designated box, or you can also use the Select.txt button to upload the TXT file.

Step 4. Then you need to log in to your Spotify account, and then start importing the iTunes playlist to Spotify.

Now that we have learned about Soundiiz, and it seems to qualify as one of the answers to our question, can you import songs from iTunes to Spotify, now let us talk about the pros and cons of using this tool.

The Pros

    • The online tool is really easy to operate.
    • You do not have to install any type of software.
    • It is possible to transfer iTunes playlists using links and .txt files.

The Cons

    • One of the cons of using this is there is a need for you to upgrade to the premium version if you are going to convert bulk playlists at once.
    • It is needed that you have your account touse the tool.

2. Use Spotify


You can also use your Spotify account, by recreating the same playlists that you have in your iTunes. If you opted to use this method, then you can keep the same order, and the same songs as your iTunes playlists have. To do it, you have to:

Step 1. You need to initially identify the songs that you have on your iTunes playlist. You can go to the Playlist section, and choose which playlist you want to recreate on your Spotify account. You can list the songs on a notepad in case you wanted to see the songs in order as what you have on your iTunes playlist. Then log into your Spotify account using your username and password.

Step 2. You can now add the songs to your Spotify playlists. To do this, go to the Playlist Section, and right-click on the Create Playlist option. If you want to rename the playlist, you can right-click on it, and then start entering a new playlist name that you prefer. To add the songs one by one, you can use the Search tab, and type in the song that you are looking for. Once you see the results, there can be lots of options, choose the songs that you want. Once you have found the matching songs, tap the Add option at the right side parts of the songs.

And there you have it! These are some of the possible answers to our question, can you import songs from iTunes to Spotify? There are other methods that can help you execute the task, you just have to choose which one suits your preferences and ideals.

Part 2. Bonus: The Easiest Way To Import Your Most Loved Songs

Accessibility to music made it easier for people to enjoy it even more. The use of many online music streaming sites has made it possible, given that you are going to subscribe to the plans of these different platforms. However, not most people have the luxury to spend money to subscribe to these platforms, and this is why it would be wiser to find the best alternatives which can also help access the songs without any hassle.

One of the best platforms is Apple Music, however, to enjoy plans on this app, a subscription to the Apple Music app is needed. And to access music files in this app, an internet connection is required. An Apple-authorized device must also be used to proceed. All of these requirements might be too difficult for others to consider or prepare, and this is why a better alternative would be a good answer.

One of the best alternative tools is the TunesFun Apple Music Converter. This professional tool is a converter that can process the conversion of your Apple Music tracks which are in the AAC formats to file formats that are said to be flexible and easier to use like MP3, FLAC, WAV, and a lot more.

This tool can be used to convert music files at a faster conversion rate if you are going to compare it with the others that are used in the market. And even if the process is really fast, the output files will remain amazingly of good quality. Also, since we are aware that Apple Music files are protected by DRM encryption, this hindrance to downloading your most loved music files will also be deleted as the process of conversion continues.

The TunesFun Apple Music Converter has a straightforward process as well, even the steps that you have to go through are very easy as well. Let us take a look at the listed steps that we have below.

Step 1. The TunesFun Apple Music Converter is needed to be downloaded and installed on the computer that you will be using. Once installed, open the tool and begin the adding of music files that need conversion.
Select Songs To Convert

Step 2. Choose a format that you need, you should make sure that the TunesFun Apple Music Converter offers the format, and when everything has been checked and set, you can now go on, and make a folder where you will be saving the results of the conversion process.
Choose Output Format Of  Apple Music

Step 3. Hit the Convert tab, and you just need to wait for a few minutes until the TunesFun Apple Music Converter finalized the conversion process.Click The Convert Button To Convert Songs From Apple Music

Part 3. To Summarize It All

There are many possible answers to the, can you import songs from iTunes to Spotify question, you just have to choose which of the tools and methods presented would produce the type of outputs that you desire over time.

There are plenty of choices from online to using the Spotify app itself, and of course, we also have the TunesFun Apple Music Converter, which is the most recommended tool out of all of them. With its use, you no longer have to imagine having any difficulty in accessing, playing, and listening to all the songs that you want, wherever you may be.