iTunes is indeed a great app as this works not only as a media player but also as a file manager at the same time. It can help you store not only songs but other media files like videos, TV shows, and others. Now, focusing on iTunes songs, it is sometimes a disadvantage to just keep the songs in their current file format. Thus, lots are seeking for iTunes to MP3 conversion guide.

How do we say that it sometimes feels like a burden for some users to keep the iTunes songs in their current file format? Well, if you wish to use other devices, you need to have your library copied or synced. Additionally, those devices should support the iTunes app as well. To get rid of these added activities, it would be best to have your iTunes songs collection saved in a file format that is easy to handle. Of course, MP3 would be the best format to use as this is the most flexible one.

MP3 files are supported by almost all media players and devices and so if you wish your iTunes songs to be accessible anywhere and anytime using any device, knowing the process of iTunes to MP3 conversion would be so beneficial. And, that’s what we are to share here.

Article Content Part 1. What Format are iTunes Songs?Part 2. How to Convert iTunes to MP3 on iTunes or Apple Music?Part 3. What Is the Best Way to Convert iTunes to MP3?Part 4. Summary

Part 1. What Format are iTunes Songs?

You might be wondering what the file format of the iTunes songs is. Well, iTunes songs are in AAC file format. Unlike MP3, the AAC file format is not that widely used since not all media players and devices can support opening such files. AAC file format is accepted in the digital audio industry as this is actually a good file format. In fact, this was initially designed to replace MP3. There are also advantages the AAC format has.

What Format are iTunes Songs

When it comes to the file size, AAC files are generally much smaller compared to MP3 ones. Moreover, they have higher quality. It is just that AAC files are mostly supported by Apple devices. Moreover, if you have purchased songs from the iTunes store or from Apple Music, those are protected AAC files and can’t be accessed on unauthorized devices.

Part 2. How to Convert iTunes to MP3 on iTunes or Apple Music?

Now, we are already in the main topic of this article - how will you do iTunes to MP3 conversion? Actually, if you have iTunes songs that are unprotected (or are not under DRM’s protection policy), an easy way to do iTunes to MP3 conversion is to use the iTunes app itself or your Apple Music app. We will be discussing both in this section.

Convert Your iTunes Library to MP3 on Windows PC

If you are using a Windows computer, you can use your iTunes app to convert iTunes to MP3 format. Here are the steps that you need to perform.

Step #1. On your PC, open the iTunes app. Head to the “Edit” button and then tap “Preferences”, “General”, then “Import Settings”. In the popup window, the “Import Using” option should be set as “MP3 Encoder”. Additionally, you have the option to select the conversion quality.

Step #2. Hit the “OK” button and then move back to your library. Select an iTunes song that you wish to convert to MP3 format. After selecting, click the “File” button, then “Convert”, and choose the “Create MP3 Version” option. It is also possible to do iTunes to MP3 conversion for a bunch of songs. You can highlight or choose a number of songs if you want to.

Convert Your iTunes Library to MP3 on Windows PC

Convert Your iTunes Library to MP3 on Mac PC

If you are using a Mac computer, you can do the iTunes to MP3 conversion using the Apple Music app. Here is what you need to follow.

Step #1. On your Mac PC, launch the Apple Music app. On the menu bar, you will see the button for “Music”. Tap on it and then choose “Preferences” next.

Step #2. Tick the “Files” button, then “Import Settings”, and finally, the “MP3 Encoder” option.

Step #3. Select the iTunes songs you wish to convert to MP3 format and then tap the “File” button, “Convert”, then the “Create MP3 Version” button.

As easy as the above, using your iTunes or Apple Music app, you can do the iTunes to MP3 conversion. However, you have to keep in mind that this would only work if you are to process iTunes songs that are unprotected.

What would be the best option then if you have protected files? How can you do iTunes to MP3 conversion then? Learn about the best professional software application that you can use to solve this as you jump to the next part of this article.

Part 3. What Is the Best Way to Convert iTunes to MP3?

As we have mentioned in the previous part, converting iTunes to MP3 format won’t work using the iTunes or Apple Music app if the files you are to process are under DRM’s protection policy. In this instance, you would be needing the help of professional applications that can do the DRM removal procedure.

Surely, the initial thing that you will do is to search over the web to see which software application you shall use. Believe me, you will be shocked as there would be lots of displayed answers! How would you decide which app you are going to use? To lessen the burden of comparing all the apps that you will see on your web search, we are recommending the use of this TunesFun Apple Music Converter. Why would you use this app?

Well, with just a few keyboard ticks, using this TunesFun Apple Music Converter, you can easily get rid of the DRM protection of the iTunes songs you are trying to convert. Apart from this ability, it can support the conversion of the protected Apple Music and iTunes to MP3 format. It is notable to mention that this app does not only support the conversion to MP3 format. It even lets you transform your files to AC3, FLAC, WAV, AU, and other supported file formats.

While the transformation of protected Apple Music and iTunes to MP3 is ongoing, you can rest assured that the ID tags from the original songs will be maintained as well as the 100% original quality. You will even enjoy customization of output files’ settings! Apart from being an Apple Music converter, this professional tool can also aid in audiobook conversion. It supports AA, AAX, and M4B file formats!

TunesFun Apple Music Converter also works 10x faster compared to other converters. Thus, you can expect the output files to be ready in no time. It also has an easy user interface that can be navigated even by beginners. Thus, there won’t be any issues during usage. It’s totally user-friendly!

Of course, we will be sharing how you can do iTunes to MP3 conversion using the TunesFun Apple Music Converter in this section. Actually, you only have to follow a three-step procedure.

Step #1. It is best that you visit TunesFun’s official website. From there, you will see the installation requirements. Complete all those to proceed with the installation process. This app is supported by both Windows and Mac PCs so compatibility isn’t an issue at all. Launch the app afterward and then start adding the Apple Music or iTunes songs that you like to convert to MP3 format. The app also does batch conversion so uploading a bunch of songs will work!

Choose iTunes Songs

Step #2. After uploading the songs to process, you can now set up the output settings. Since the TunesFun Apple Music Converter supports lots of output formats, don’t forget to specify MP3 as the desired one. Moreover, specifying the output path will help you easily access the converted files after the transformation process. You can also modify other output parameters as you like.

Choose iTunes Songs Output Format

Step #3. Once you are satisfied with the setup made, tick off the “Convert” button. The app will then do the conversion process. The DRM removal procedure will also be done by the app at the same time.

Convert iTunes Song

The whole conversion process would only take a few minutes since the app works pretty fast. Once done, except that the files you will see in the output folder defined are already DRM-free and can be opened on any device or media player!

Part 4. Summary

iTunes to MP3 conversion can be done using the iTunes and Apple Music apps. However, the conversion would only be successful if you are to transform the unprotected ones. Now, if you wish to convert protected Apple Music or iTunes songs, the best way to do is to rely on professional software converters like this TunesFun Apple Music Converter.

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