If you want to own your own Kindle, then you need to figure out a few things. One of the most important is to know how many books does Kindle hold, by knowing such fact, you can feel a lot of excitement and fun as you will get to know what Kindle has to offer.

To those who do not have enough idea, Kindle is an electronic book that can allow you to read and enjoy ebooks even without carrying huge hard-bound cover books. It is generally a book as well, however, has a different way of accessibility, which is through the use of electronics or devices. It is a more convenient version of a book that you can freely bring along with you anywhere you go.

In this article, we are going to talk about how many books does Kindle hold, as well as the other essential things that you have to know about it. If you are already using Kindle, and you want to know more this article would be perfect for you. Or in case you are new to Kindle, and really wanted to pursue it, you will also learn lots of things here, as well.

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Part. 1. Things To Know About Kindle

Aside from knowing how many books does Kindle hold, there are many essential things that we have to know about Kindle. We are going to talk about them one by one, below.

The Average Size Of A Kindle Book

Displaying Kindle Storage Size

In order to figure out how many books does Kindle hold, it is important that we have an idea of the average size of a Kindle book. The average size of one Kindle book ranges from 2.7 MB to 4.5 MB. One Kindle book typically has about 300 to 500 pages. So, if you are also going to evaluate it, the average of one page of a Kindle book is 9 KB. But it will still depend on how many illustrations or images are there in one Kindle book.

The Average Size Of An Audiobook

Aside from Kindle books, we also store audiobooks in a Kindle, so it is also needed that we figure out the average size of one so we can also have a view of it, as an additional load that we are going to store on our Kindle devices.

If we are going to have a swift or particular assumption of the size of an audiobook, it would generally range from 280 MB to 350 MB per book. A common audiobook would take up to 28 MB per audio hour. And for a piece of additional information also, it would take an average of about 10 to 12 hours for you to be able to listen to one audiobook.

How Many Books Does Kindle Hold?

Now that we have an idea of the average size of one book on Kindle, we can now be able to have a rough estimate of how many books does Kindle hold. You have to take note that the contents of one Kindle depend on the model of Kindle that you have purchased.

There are two storage options if we are going to base it on the typical models of Kindle. We have:

  • 8 GB - If you have the Kindle Paperwhite or the Basic Kindle, these models of Kindle are usually 8 GB in size.
  • 32 GB - If you have Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition and the Kindle Oasis, these models of Kindle are 32 GB in size.

In identifying the number of books does a Kindle hold, there are many things that must be taken into consideration such as the types of digital books that you are about to store on it. As we have discussed, an audiobook file would really take up a huge space, and it must be considered as well.

You have to think about scenarios like:

  • Storing Kindle books only
  • Storing Kindle books and audiobooks as well
  • Storing Kindle books, audiobooks, and magazines or comics

Also, we have to take note that if the storage has a size of 8 GB we aren't able to utilize it all, for an 8 GB one, the usual size that we get to utilize is 6 GB only.

Part 2. Bonus: Getting To Know The Better Way To Access Audible Audiobooks

Are you even wondering if there are other things that you can do to easily access Audible audiobooks even if you are offline? Well, there are ways, and we are about to share with you one of the professional tools that you can use.

These days, we have lots of ways to be able to access and listen to all the audiobooks we love. We have Spotify, and one of the most popular ways is through the Audible platform. This platform has the biggest library of audiobooks which will be ultimately loved by so many book lovers. In order to enjoy listening to audiobooks, you need to subscribe to a subscription and enjoy the other benefits of using the platform.

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We also hope that you have learned about all the essential details about Kindle, as well as how many books does Kindle hold, being able to be informed of these things, would be a huge help in order to make sure that your audiobook listening experience will be as smooth as you have ever thought it to be.

In order to make all the dilemmas pertaining to audiobook accessibility vanish, you need to know about the TunesFun Audible Converter. The best professional tool that we are just talking about a while ago. With its help, all your concerns and needs about Audible audiobooks can be finally addressed, and to make sure it is really capable of doing so, we have listed some of its features below.

  1. You are able to convert your Audible AA or AAX to flexible formats like MP3, and many others! Once converted files can be played in other types of players, such as the majority or all MP3 players.
  2. You can convert your music files really fast! And you would not even need to find another converter to convert them all; you can convert all of your audiobooks at one time!
  3. Enjoy the best quality of converted audiobooks and start listening to them at your own desired time.
  4. Get rid of the DRM encryption, and enjoy listening to all the audiobooks that you love even if you do not have a stable internet connection.
  5. Listen to all the converted files and have them converted easily, effectively, and efficiently through the use of a very simple platform that can be accessed and utilized by anyone!

In order to share with you the steps on how to utilize the said professional tool, we have the list below.

Adding Audible Audiobooks to Converter

Step 1. Begin the process by installing the TunesFun Audible Converter on the device that you are using. Then you can now proceed to the importing of all the audiobook files that you needed to convert.

Step 2. Start selecting the format file that you want to achieve and make sure that you have already created a folder where you will be saving the files once the process of conversion has been completed. You can rename the folder based on your own preferences, you can also name the folder based on the original title of the books, or even the name of the authors.

Converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3

Step 3. Hit the Convert tab and wait for a few minutes until all the added audiobooks have been converted. You can also see the status of the conversion process on the home page of the TunesFun Audible Converter.

Part 3. To Summarize It All

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It is important that we get to realize the types of devices that we used in accessing our most wanted digital books, such as Kindle books and audiobooks. By getting to know them more, we also get to discover their capacities. Kindle is one of the most famous accessibilities when it comes to digital books such as ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and even magazines. It is important that we have an idea of how many books does Kindle hold, because it not only gives the assurance that you can store as many files as you like, but it would also add fun and excitement knowing that you can store as many digital books as you like anytime. On the other hand, it is a great thing that we have professional tools like the TunesFun Audible Converter which can help us gain a better and more convenient way to stream and download Audible audiobooks, wherever we may be, or whenever we would want to.