“I’ve been looking for a Spotify Music downloader to use but I can’t seem to select one from my search results. Can you recommend the best I should utilize?”

Luckily, a bunch of Spotify Music downloaders has been introduced to the public. With these tools, it is now easy to keep your favorite Spotify files and have them streamed offline even without a subscription plan. More so, you can access them on any gadget and media player!

We’ll recommend the best one, TunsFun Spotify Music Converter, and some other downloaders that you can choose one you need and use to download your favorite Spotify songs here! You can click the below button to try TunesFun for free now!

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List the Best Spotify to MP3 Converter Online 2024 [100% Working]

Article Content Part 1. What Is Spotify Music?Part 2. Recommend Best Spotify Music Downloader: TunesFun Spotify Music ConverterPart 3. SpotiloadPart 4. Mp3fy.com Online Spotify DownloaderPart 5. KeepVid MusicPart 6. Summary

Part 1. What Is Spotify Music?

Spotify surely won the hearts of lots of music enthusiasts. We can’t argue with this because its current number of subscribers clearly tells this. With millions of songs available and many other features the app has, it is no doubt that many more people keep on getting one of its subscription plans.

Open The Spotify And Download Spotify Songs

With a Spotify premium plan, one can actually enjoy enormous perks including the ability to download songs and even podcasts for offline listening. Unfortunately, even if you have this capability, you can’t still access the songs from other unauthorized devices directly. This also applies to those free Spotify users.

So how can I download Spotify playlists and songs to MP3 or other formats you need? Next, we will list some best Spotify Music downloaders to help you solve this question. You can always find the best Spotify song downloader online, Spotify playlist downloader, or Spotify album downloader you need!

Part 2. Recommend Best Spotify Music Downloader: TunesFun Spotify Music Converter

It must have come to your knowledge already that Spotify files are under the DRM protection policy. This means that even if you are a premium Spotify account owner and you can download Spotify songs for streaming offline, you can’t still access them on devices that are considered unauthorized.

Additionally, while using a Premium plan, there is a need for you to be online at least once a month just to keep the songs from vanishing. This clearly indicates that having a Premium Spotify plan isn’t always the answer to the “how to keep and download Spotify songs forever?” dilemma.

If you wish to download music from Spotify and save and keep your Spotify favorites forever, what you need is a reliable Spotify Music downloader! But which one should you use?

We know there are lots of downloaders that you can see on the web once you tried searching for one. Selecting one to use could be difficult especially if you are to perform this downloading process for the first time. To help you, we have here the most recommended Spotify Music downloader, the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter.

With the help of this TunesFun Spotify Music Converter, you can easily remove the DRM protection of the Spotify songs you wish to download and transform them to MP3, WAV, or FLAC. It is also an easy-to-use app with functions that are too simple to handle.

During the process of conversion, you can rest assured that the ID3 tags and metadata information will be kept. You can also enjoy some more advanced features such as customizable settings and easy uploading through its dragging and dropping feature. Of course, this works too fast allowing you to manage your time more efficiently.

If we are to talk about the installation requirements, there are only a few things needed. You can have them checked via the main website of TunesFun. The app is supported by both Windows and Mac computers so compatibility won’t be an issue at all.

Additionally, once you get the paid version of this converter, you can enjoy its one-month refund policy. You can try this software for free now by clicking the below button. I believe that is the best Spotify music downloader for you to download Spotify songs.

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Here’s a guide to using this TunesFun Spotify Music Converter as a Spotify Music downloader.

Step #1. Get the app and make sure to install it on your computer successfully.

Step #2. Run the app once installed. On the main page, you shall see this “Open the Spotify Web Player” button right away. Tap this to see Spotify’s homepage. You will need to enter your Spotify account credentials to continue.

Adding Spotify Songs to Spotify music Downloader

Step #3. After successfully logging in, you can now start choosing the Spotify songs and playlists that you would want to convert and download for offline listening. Selecting a bunch of songs is possible (in case you find the need to do so). After the selection process, have those songs dragged and dropped to the green sidebar button on the screen.

Selecting Output Format and Location for Third Party Downloader

Step #4. As previously mentioned, you can personalize the output setting parameters. Once songs are imported, you can now change the output settings as intended. Make sure to set up the output format as well as the output folder for easy access after the conversion process.

Downloading Spotify Songs to MP3 Format

Step #5. Once you are satisfied with the setup, just tick the “Convert” button and you shall see how the app will do the transformation of the imported Spotify songs to the designated output format. The DRM protection removal process will also be done simultaneously.

In just a few minutes, with the help of this amazing Spotify Music downloader, you can expect the converted Spotify songs to be readily available from the output folder that was initially defined in step 4.

Since the files are now DRM-free, you are free to do what you like with the files – save them on any device forever, share them with friends, transfer them to external drives, and more.

Apart from TunesFun Spotify Music Converter, of course, there are still other Spotify Music downloaders that you can try using. We will be sharing some trusted ones in next section.

Part 3. Spotiload

Spotiload is as well a Spotify Music downloader that was formerly known by many as Spotify VK Downloader. It is not a software app but a chrome extension that lets you download any Spotify playlist that you like and have them saved in MP3 format.

To use this, you can just search through Chrome’s extensions and then install it once found. A vk.com account is needed to continue. Once you have created and logged in successfully, just head to Spotify and select the songs you wish to download. Once seen, just tick the “Download” button to finally get the tracks.

Spotiload is very easy to install and use and is totally free. However, not all countries allow the use of vk.com. Moreover, there have been reports from several users about this extension’s stability performance. The quality of the output files isn’t the best as well.

Part 4. Mp3fy.com Online Spotify Downloader

Another Spotify Music downloader that can you also check out is this Mp3fy.com Online Spotify Downloader. The good thing with this one is that it is an online tool. This means that no installation is needed to use this.

Mp3fy.com Online Spotify Music Downloader

Apart from supporting the downloading process from the Spotify app, this is as well capable of getting and saving files from other sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook Vimeo, and more. You can use this to save your Spotify songs in MP3 format. Moreover, you can also download video content using this online tool. Of course, this is as well very easy to navigate.

Since this Mp3fy.com Online Spotify Downloader is free of use, expect that there will be some limitations and a bit of drawbacks along with the downloading and conversion processes. You will notice that the music quality of the output files isn’t that great. There are also lots of popup ads during the conversion and downloading processes. Also, this can only support the conversion to MP3 format.

If you wish to try using this for free, you can just simply visit its main website and then paste the link of the Spotify track that you wish to transform and save. Tick the “Convert” button next and choose the “Download” option after the validation of the pasted link.

Part 5. KeepVid Music

Apart from the two Spotify Music downloaders that were presented in the previous section, you have another one that you can check out – this KeepVid Music that is available on both Mac and Windows computers.

KeepVid Music is actually known as “iMusic”. The good thing with KeepVid Music is it supports not only Spotify but other sites (3,000+). It is a good app that even lets you manage your Spotify songs.

Apart from being a downloader, KeepVid Music is very powerful because it can also function as a recorder. If you wish some tracks to be moved between iOS devices but you don’t have iTunes, this KeepVid Music got your back.

The only drawback that you can find while using this is that it only supports the MP3 format. It is as well very friendly to use.

Part 6. Summary

There are indeed a number of Spotify Music downloaders that you can see on the web and wherein you can choose from. But remember to always choose the best and most professional software apps like this TunesFun Spotify Music Converter.

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