In today's world of streaming services, it's become more and more important to be able to access your favorite music without restrictions. Apple Music has a lot of features that make it great, but it also comes with a few downsides. The biggest downside is the Digital Rights Management protection that Apple Music uses on all songs downloaded through their service. Today, we're going to talk about how to remove DRM from Apple Music.

The DRM protection prevents you from being able to play those songs on any device other than an Apple device; if you try to play them on another device or program, they'll just stop working. Luckily for us all, there are ways around this! In this article today I'm going to show you how you can remove drm from apple music so that you can listen anywhere and everywhere in peace.

Article Content Part 1. Is Apple Music DRM Protected?Part 2. Best Method to Remove DRM from Apple Music (TunesFun Apple Music Converter)Part 3. Another Method to Remove DRM from Apple MusicPart 4. Summary

Part 1. Is Apple Music DRM Protected?

As one of the famous music streaming platforms, Apple Music offers access to over 50 million songs, but does it have DRM? The protection of DRM seems to be effective as piracy is still a thing today.

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and it's a way to protect your content from being copied or distributed without your permission. In the case of Apple Music, this means that if you buy an album from iTunes and download it onto your computer, you can listen to it as many times as you want—but if you try to burn it onto a CD or enjoy music with another device, it won't play. It will be an annoying problem how to remove DRM from Apple Music so that you can burn it to CD.

What Is Digital Rights Management

Apple Music has some limitations on the purpose of music you download. For example, you can only play downloaded tracks on five Apple devices at once, and if you want to add your music to another device, you need to remove DRM protection first.

When digital material is used for personal purposes, removing DRM from Apple Music is completely legal. However, if you used the material for sharing or duplication purposes it can somehow be illegal and against the law.

So, now is there any Apple DRM removal tool that you can use? And how to remove DRM from Apple Music legally? Yes, absolutely there is! and We will be going to discuss it in the next section.

Part 2. Best Method to Remove DRM from Apple Music (TunesFun Apple Music Converter)

Now, let's see how to remove DRM from Apple Music in 2024. Apple Music Converter is an all-in-one iTunes DRM removal software that helps you remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, iTunes M4V videos and Audible audiobooks for any playback devices freely. It also allows you to convert Apple Music tracks to MP3, WAV, FLAC or AAC format at will, so as to play them on any audio player.

If you're looking for a tool that can help you remove DRM from Apple Music songs and save them without limitation, then TunesFun Apple Music Converter is the best choice. TunesFun Apple Music Converter is a powerful DRM removal tool for free that can convert any iTunes songs to MP3, AAC, or WAV format at 16X faster speed with lossless quality. What's more, this software works perfectly on both Windows and Mac OS systems. It can also preserve the ID3 tags and other metadata of your Apple Music songs as well as their original quality so you can keep on listening to high-quality music offline all the time.

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Here are the steps:

Step 1. Add Apple Music songs to the program

First, you need to add your Apple Music songs to the program by clicking the "Add" button on the main interface. Then, you can drag and drop the desired tracks from iTunes or Finder. After adding, you can edit your songs by removing unwanted audio files or trimming clips.

Open The App And Add iTunes Songs Files From The Library

Step 2. Choose output format and set up conversion parameters

Click "Convert" button to start converting with lossless quality. You are able to adjust parameters like bitrate and sample rate as you need before starting converting. Also, you can select an output folder for saving converted files when finishing conversion process.

Choose The Output Format And Output Folder Like MP3

Step 3. Start converting Apple Music songs with high quality

Start converting by hitting "Convert" button in the bottom of this interface and wait until a popup window pops up saying that conversion has been completed successfully!

Click On The Convert Button And Finsh Them

The converter also lets you convert any other audio files that are currently on your computer—it doesn't matter if they're WAVs or M4As, because this program will convert them for free! You can even add in video files if you'd like—just make sure they're in mp4 format before uploading them into the program. If there aren't any DRM-free copies available online yet, don't worry! TunesFun Apple Music Converter will solve the problem of how to remove DRM from Apple Music!

Part 3. Another Method to Remove DRM from Apple Music

In this part, we will share another tips on how to remove DRM from Apple Music for you. You can still have the job done by using some iTunes converter that you will find online.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a tool for removing DRM from Apple Music and iTunes M4P music files. It helps you remove DRM from M4P files as well as convert them to unprotected AAC, MP3 etc. But the downside is the slow convert speed.

Another Method to Remove DRM from Apple Music

Here are the simple steps that you have to put in mind if you are to use this Apple Music converter.

  1. Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter after installing it and choose the playlists or Apple music tracks you want to convert.
  2. Choose the output format and folder.
  3. Click on the Convert button to begin turning tracks. The conversion process will be visible to you that in a different screen. Whenever it's done, select "View Output File" to acquire actual unique versions of your songs that aren't DRM-protected.

Part 4. Summary

In conclusion, we have tried our best to make you understand the importance of removing DRM from Apple Music. The reason behind this is that the user will be able to use their purchased songs on any other device. The best method how to remove DRM from Apple Music is to use Tunesfun Apple Music Converter.

It's a free program that can remove DRM from apple music and convert it to any audio format you want like MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and more. It works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. This software is very easy to use and follow. It allows users to remove DRM from Apple Music at a 16X faster speed.

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