Spotify is definitely one of the crowd favorites. With millions of songs under different genres, users won’t find it boring to use the platform as there are various options available. Luckily, Spotify has both free and paid versions that can be enjoyed by anyone around the world. It’s just that limitations will be experienced by free account owners whereas paid users will get to enjoy exclusive perks including the ability to listen to songs in offline mode, unlimited skips, ad-free streaming, and more.

In this article, we will be delving more into the process of how to download music from Spotify to computer. If you are a Spotify Premium user, learning about this procedure would help you further utilize your benefits as a paid account owner. Of course, there are always workarounds available for free version users which we are also to present in this post.

As we head over to the first part, the best way to download Spotify music to computers would be explained. It is definitely the best answer to the “how to download music from Spotify to computer” dilemma! Further sections of the article will show other methods. Keep on reading to know more!

Article Content Part 1: Downloading Music from Spotify to Computer without a Premium AccountPart 2: Downloading Music from Spotify to Computer with a Premium AccountPart 3: Downloading Music from Spotify to Computer via Free Online MethodsPart 4: Summary

Part 1: Downloading Music from Spotify to Computer without a Premium Account

The first method of how to download music from Spotify to computer that we are to share in this part of the article would be about the use of a professional tool that has the power to keep Spotify songs accessible even without a premium account.

It is a known fact that even being subscribed to a paid plan, listening to Spotify songs outside the app and on unauthorized devices won’t be possible as they are protected by DRM. Subscribers would just have the ability to listen to the tracks in offline mode but the moment the subscription has been canceled, all previously downloaded Spotify tracks will disappear from the library. In this case, we would be needing a reliable tool that can help us keep our Spotify favorites forever accessible. Fortunately, we have an app like the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter. Listed below are the numerous advantages this professional software app offers.

  1. This tool can easily do the DRM removal process letting people enjoy the songs on any device.
  2. It can aid in the conversion of Spotify songs to formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC, and WAV.
  3. It works at a speed of 5x making the procedure so efficient to users.
  4. It ensures that conversion would be lossless and so, the files’ original quality and ID tags would be maintained.
  5. The team ensures that the app is being updated from time to time to promote a great user experience.
  6. It is compatible with Mac and Windows OS.
  7. It supports batch processing (a great feature for those who’d like to save bunches of songs in one processing).
  8. The technical support team is easy to reach.
  9. It has a very simple and easy user interface.

By reading the mentioned perks that you would be able to enjoy upon installing the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter on your computer, you are surely curious about how conversion and downloading work via this app. Don’t worry, we’ve got the procedure of how to download music from Spotify to computer via this tool presented below.

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Draging Songs to Spitify Music Downloader

Step #1. There are a few installation needs to complete. Once those are met, install the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter and open it right away. You’ll see the option to add files on the main page right away. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop the tracks you’d like to process. Again, batch conversion is supported. Thus, adding songs in batches would work!

Step #2. From the available output formats, select one that you prefer using. Also, setting up the output folder location is equally important so, don’t forget to specify this as well.

Selecting Output Format for Downloaded Spotify Songs

Step #3. Pressing the “Convert” button at the bottom of the page will trigger the app to begin the transformation of the added songs. The removal of their protection shall also happen at the same time.

In a few minutes, expect that the transformed and DRM-free Spotify songs that were processed will be saved and accessible on your computer. Moving and saving them on other devices that you own will also now be possible!

Part 2: Downloading Music from Spotify to Computer with a Premium Account

As previously stated, Spotify Premium users have the ability to download Spotify tracks for offline listening. By subscribing to one of the platform’s paid plans, such benefits will be enjoyed. In case you aren’t sure how to download music from Spotify to computer via your premium account, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Using the Spotify desktop app, you’ll be able to accomplish the “how to download music from Spotify to computer” process. However, downloading individually isn’t permitted by the app. Thus, you must first create a playlist and get your favorite tunes added to that newly created playlist before downloading them one time.

User Downloading Spotify Songs to Phone

You may also take a look at the below detailed guide on how to download music from Spotify to computer with a premium account.

Step #1. Launch the Spotify desktop app and make sure to sign into your account with your details (if you haven’t logged in yet).

Step #2. Head over to your “Playlists” and just search for the specific playlist you’d like to be downloaded. Open it and look for the “Download” option at the top. You just need to toggle the slider to begin the downloading process.

Step #3. Ensure that your computer is connected to a stable network while performing this procedure of how to download music from Spotify to computer. Additionally, the “Offline Mode” option must also be enabled so you can listen to these downloaded tracks whenever and wherever you wish even without a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

Part 3: Downloading Music from Spotify to Computer via Free Online Methods

Besides the procedures of how to download music from Spotify to computer that were shared in the first and second sections of this article, it is also good to be aware that there are even free online methods that can be used. Some of them will be presented in this section. Keep on reading if you’re interested to know more about them.

Note: Since these are free and online ways, expect that there would be instances that you’ll face some disadvantages while using them. Sometimes, they would crash unexpectedly or the outputs would be lossy. Plus, most of them do not support batch processing and would require you to download songs one by one which is definitely a tedious process. But if you don’t mind experiencing these drawbacks, then it might be good to try them out.

Online Spotify Downloader

One of the popular online Spotify music tools is the “Spotify Downloader”. You can get Spotify songs in MP3 format upon using this tool. The steps that must be followed are only simple. Here are those.

Step #1. Via the Spotify web player or through the Spotify app, search for the specific track you wish to download.

Step #2. Access the song’s music link by tapping the “three-dot” icon next to it. Copy it and then head back to Spotify Downloader’s website.

Step #3. You’ll see a search bar on the website. Paste the copied link and then hit the “Submit” button.

Step #4. Just simply wait until the process is over. You shall see a “Download” button afterward which would let you save the songs to your PC.

Again, if you have other songs you’d like to download, you need to redo the abovementioned steps.

ApowerSoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apart from using an online Spotify downloader, another method of how to download music from Spotify to computer for free would be via an audio recorder. You may try using this tool – ApowerSoft Free Online Audio Recorder.

Step #1. Head over to ApowerSoft Free Online Audio Recorder’s website. A launcher is needed to be installed.

Step #2. Go back to the website wherein you have to tap the “Start Recording” button next. “System Sound” must be chosen as the audio source.

Step #3. Choose a track, a playlist, or a Spotify album you wish to save and just simply play it from the app or the web player. Afterward, tap the “Start” button.

Step #4. Once done, you just have to hit the “Stop” button.

The recording shall then be saved to your PC.

Part 4: Summary

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The process of how to download music from Spotify to computer is totally easy. Good thing, there are various ways of how it can be accomplished as also discussed in this post. Just remember that when doing this procedure, it is always recommended that you rely on nd use legal methods such as the utilization of reliable tools like the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter.