Spotify is one of the top runners if we are to talk about offering the best music streaming service. It has several perks that are being offered to its subscribers. These numerous advantages are the reasons why the number of Spotify fanatics increases day by day. In fact, as of this time, millions of music enthusiasts are into streaming tracks using the Spotify app – some are using their premium accounts while others are satisfied with what they are getting from the free version of the app.

Another good thing that makes Spotify so amazing is that lots of devices and media players support it including iOS devices. Since this article’s topic is “Spotify Premium free on iOS”, then our main discussion will be focusing more on iOS gadgets. If you are one of the many iOS users who are Spotify subscribers, it would surely be beneficial to you that we have prepared in this post.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy Spotify Premium free on iOS devices, we can give you guidance on this post. Before we finally head to the methods, we will first differentiate and compare the Spotify free version and the premium one in the first part. Let us now start!

Article Content Part 1. Spotify Free vs Spotify PremiumPart 2. Get Spotify Premium Free for iOS with Hacked AppPart 3. Most Recommended Way of Getting Spotify Premium Free for iOSPart 4. Summary

Part 1. Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

Among the many platforms offering music streaming services, Spotify can be said as one of the most generous. Why? This is because apart from offering a paid version of the app, it also has the free one. Meaning, that users can get to listen to Spotify songs without paying a fee, but, of course, under certain limitations.

As we have mentioned in the introduction part, before we get into the discussion of how you can enjoy Spotify Premium free on iOS gadgets, we will first compare Spotify Premium and Spotify Free.

If you are using a free Spotify account, are you now thinking of switching to the Premium version? Since one of them requires a monthly fee, there are definitely huge differences between them.

Offline Streaming

You should know that regardless of what type of account you are using, you are eligible to listen to all the songs the Spotify app has as well as the podcasts and audiobooks that are on the app. You can stream them as you want!

Now, one big difference between the two is the ability to stream the songs in offline mode. Only the paid subscribers can experience and enjoy the offline listening advantage. Free Spotify account users will not be able to download or listen to music without an internet connection.

Turn On Offline Mode On Spotify

Advertisement Pop-ups

If you are using the free version of Spotify, unfortunately, you have to bear with the ad pop-ups. If you wish to continue listening for hours, you must endure the disruptions since advertisements will be heard from time.

Playback & Unlimited Skipping of Songs

Free Spotify account owners do not have the ability to go back to a song and listen to it again. Of course, Premium users can do that. In addition to this, there is only a limited number of skips for free users (6 skips per hour) compared to the unlimited number that can be enjoyed by paid users. In case you no longer want to listen to a song but you used up all your skips, you have no choice but to listen to it until it ends.

Moreover, the free Spotify users shall listen to songs in shuffle mode as there is no feature that will let them choose a song to listen to.

The above-listed items are only some of the differences between the Spotify Free and Spotify Premium accounts. Some users also say that there is also a bit difference when it comes to the sound quality of the songs when listening using the free version vs. when streaming using the paid one.

But if you aren’t too keen on the disadvantages of using a free Spotify account, you can still try it before getting a paid subscription plan.

Part 2. Get Spotify Premium Free for iOS with Hacked App

In this part, we are ready to start sharing with you a method to enjoy Spotify Premium free on iOS gadgets. Some people have tried getting Spotify Premium free on iphone with the help of hacked apps. If you wish to try this method, then you should read the next section as we will be explaining more about this and how you can install and use it.

One of the hacked apps that you can use to get Spotify Premium free on iOS gadgets is “Spotify++”. This cracked version of Spotify lets you enjoy the features of a Premium account for free. It can completely remove ads and give you unlimited skips. However, you can’t still enjoy offline playback. This was developed by a third-party developer and so you can’t have this downloaded via the Apple Store. You can download this either from AppValley or Tweakbox.

If you are interested, in the section, we will be showing how you can install and use Spotify++ from AppValley. Take note that you need to uninstall the official Spotify app first before you can go ahead with the below procedure.

Step #1. Once the AppValley is installed on your device, launch it and search for Spotify++ then click on Get button.

Search For Spotify Plus Then Click On Get Button

Step #2. When the installation is done, you will have to update the Trust. Go to Settings > General > Profile and then trust the Spotify++ profile. Now you are free to use the App.

Step #3. You can now launch it and log in. You will then see that your account has been tagged as “Premium”.

By following the above, you will then be able to enjoy Spotify Premium free on iOS gadgets. However, take note that the offline playback feature isn’t present on the hacked app. So, if you are eyeing to enjoy this advantage, the tool that we have in the next part will be the best option for you.

Part 3. Most Recommended Way of Getting Spotify Premium Free for iOS

After reading the second part, you might also be worried that using hacked apps could be risky and dangerous to your device. Don’t worry. You can cast your worries away because there is still another option for you to get Spotify Premium free on iOS. Actually, this is the most recommended way.

Professional software applications are also very useful for you to enjoy Spotify streaming without worrying about limitations and possible issues.

One of the best is this TunesFun Spotify Music Converter. This TunesFun Spotify Converter has been considered by many as the best Spotify Music Converter for Mac and Windows because of the many advantages it offers. Rather than trying out hacked apps that could harm your devices, why don’t you just download the Spotify songs that you love, keep them forever, and stream them on any gadget without paying a fee?

Though Spotify songs are known to be protected files, apps like TunesFun Spotify Music Converter can help you remove the restriction. With this TunesFun Spotify Music Converter, you can download Spotify music that you like and listen to Spotify offline on any device because the DRM protection of the song can be removed as well.

TunesFun even aids in the conversion of the tracks to formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, and even AAC. What is more amazing is that the conversion process is lossless and that the ID3 tags and metadata information of the songs will be kept and maintained.

More so, this app works fast and has an interface that’s easy to navigate. Now, here is a reference of how you can get Spotify Premium free on iOS through the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter.

Try It Free Try It Free

Step #1. Install the app on your PC, launch it, and start adding the Spotify songs to be processed. You can just drag and drop the files.

Drag And Drop The Files To The App

Step #2. Setup the output format and folder and the other output options that can be modified.

Setup The Output Format And Folder

Step #3. Tick the “Convert All” button once everything has been set up. Once the conversion is completed, you shall see the files once the “View Output File” option has been tapped.

Tick The Convert All Button

The songs will then be DRM-free and are already converted to the output format you chose in step 2! This, indeed, is the best way to enjoy Spotify Premium free on iOS! We bet you’ll agree with this!

Part 4. Summary

Spotify Free and Spotify Premium are indeed very different from each other. If you are not that mindful about paying a subscription fee, getting a premium Spotify account will then suit you. But, if you are a user who wishes to enjoy the service for free (Spotify Premium free on iOS), you can either rely on trying out hacked apps or download the songs using TunesFun Spotify Music Converter which is definitely the best and safest way!

Try It Free Try It Free